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Contech U.S., LLC Bankruptcy Trustee Prepares 200 Bankruptcy Preference Complaints

On January 24, 2011, a hearing will be held in the Contech U.S., LLC (“Contech”) bankruptcy (Eastern District of Michigan, Southern Division ) on the Chapter 7 Trustee’s Motion for an Order Establishing Uniform Procedures and Deadlines for Certain Adversary Proceedings (the “Procedures Motion”). The Chapter 7 Trustee, Gene R. Kohut, has advised the Bankruptcy Court that the he will be filing as many as 200  bankruptcy preference complaints on or before January 30, 2011. The time frames set out in the procedure motions convey the clear message that a substantial effort will be made to settle as many of the preference actions as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Contech U.S., LLC Bankruptcy – 503(b)(9) Claim Bar Date and Procedures

For any supplier and other bankruptcy creditor in the bankruptcy of Contech U.S., LLC [1], timely and properly filing an administrative expense claim under 11 USC § 503(b)(9) may provide the only prospect for payment of any portion of the creditors prepetition claims. Click this link for an article on this site discussing 503(b)(9), including answers to the most common questions regarding making these claims.

Contech Confirms there will be No Money for Unsecureds

Contech U.S. LLC and two affiliates, MAG Contech, LLC and Contech, LLC filed bankruptcy in Michigan on January 30, 2009 – another victim of the automotive sector downturn. The most unique aspect of the case has been the willingness of 5 automotive customers (Delphi, Ford, BMW, Linamar and Automotive Components Holdings) to provide $7,200,000 DIP financing to keep Contech manufacturing components until a buyer can be found. For the suppliers to and other unsecured trade creditors of Contech, there never seemed to be much to try and salvage. This was confirmed in a March 26, 2009 filing by Contech.