The Reader’s Digest Association, Inc. and 47 affiliated entities (”Debtors”) filed petitions on August 24, 2009 in Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York for relief under Chapter 11 of Title 11 of the United States Code. The Debtors hold an aggregate of approximately $2.2 billion in assets and approximately $3.4 billion in liabilities as indicated in their most recent unaudited financial statements as of June 30, 2009. The Debtors estimate that they have approximately 1,400 vendors on a consolidated basis with outstanding pre-petition claims in the amount of approximately $90 million. The US bankruptcy proceedings are being consolidated for administrative purposes only under the The Reader’s Digest Association, Inc. case number 09-23529. The following is a listing of the Debtors and petition numbers.

Debtor Name Case Number
Alex Inc. 09-23530, Inc. 09-23531
Ardee Music Publishing, Inc. 09-23532
Christmas Angel Productions, Inc. 09-23533
CompassLearning, Inc. 09-23534
Direct Entertainment Media Group, Inc. 09-23535
Direct Holdings Americas Inc. 09-23536
Direct Holdings Custom Publishing Inc. 09-23537
Direct Holdings Customer Service, Inc. 09-23538
Direct Holdings Education Inc. 09-23539
Direct Holdings Libraries Inc. 09-23540
Direct Holdings U.S. Corp. 09-23541
Funk & Wagnalls Yearbook Corp. 09-23542
Gareth Stevens, Inc. 09-23543
Home Service Publications, Inc. 09-23544
Pegasus Asia Investments Inc. 09-23545
Pegasus Investment, Inc. 09-23546
Pegasus Sales, Inc. 09-23547
Pleasantville Music Publishing, Inc. 09-23548
R. D. Manufacturing Corporation 09-23549
RD Large Edition, Inc. 09-23550
RD Publications, Inc. 09-23551
RD Walking, Inc. 09-23552
RDA Holding Co. 09-23553
RDA Sub Co. 09-23554
Reader’s Digest Children’s Publishing, Inc. 09-23555
Reader’s Digest Consumer Services, Inc. 09-23556
Reader’s Digest Entertainment, Inc. 09-23557
Reader’s Digest Financial Services, Inc. 09-23558
Reader’s Digest Latinoamerica, S.A. 09-23559
Reader’s Digest Sales and Services, Inc. 09-20011
Reader’s Digest Sub Nine, Inc. 09-23560
Reader’s Digest Young Families, Inc. 09-23561
Reiman Manufacturing, LLC 09-23562
Reiman Media Group, Inc. 09-23563
Retirement Living Publishing Company, Inc. 09-23564
Saguaro Road Records, Inc. 09-23565
Taste of Home Media Group, Inc. 09-23566
Taste of Home Productions, Inc. 09-23567
The Reader’s Digest Association, Inc. 09-23529
Travel Publications, Inc. 09-23568
W.A. Publications, LLC 09-23569
WAPLA, LLC 09-23570
Weekly Reader Corporation 09-23571
Weekly Reader Custom Publishing, Inc. 09-23572
World Almanac Education Group, Inc. 09-23573
World Wide Country Tours, Inc. 09-23574
WRC Media, Inc. 09-23575