Global Safety Textiles Holdings LLC (“Global Safety” and, together with 8 domestic and international debtor subsidiaries, the “Debtors”) has filed a consolidated list of the 30 largest unsecured creditors of the Debtors (the “Top Unsecured Creditor List”). This list is remarkable for the small size of the supplier pre-petition claims.  The reasons for this phenomenon are explained in detail in the later post discussing certain substantive aspects of this case.

The following is the Global Safety Textiles Top 30 Unsecured Creditor List.  The list does not include: (1) persons who come within the definition of “insider”; or (2) secured creditors, unless the value of the collateral is such that the unsecured deficiency places the creditor among the holders of the largest unsecured claims.

Creditor Name Claim Type Claim Amount
Dow Corning Corporation Trade $511,725.40
Bradford Industries Trade $190,285.46
Invista S.a.r.l. Trade $83,459.02
Polyamide HP Trade $79,000.00
Polyarnide High Performance, Inc. Trade $75,701.00
American & Efird, Inc. Trade $73,622.77
Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. Trade $71,148.00
Itema America Inc. Trade $64,508.90
Dominion Virginia Power Utility $60,405.51
ARC Automotive, Inc. Trade $54,295.20
Columbia Gas Utility $32,595.70
Schreiner Label Tech, Inc. Trade $30,480.00
Komar Apparel Supplier Trade $21,404.13
Bluestar Silicones Trade $18,850.70
YKK Trade $16,136.60
Acme Mills Trade $15,354.86
Avery Dennison Trade $11,477.88
Town of South Hill, Virginia Utility $11,000.00
Probity Products Trade $7,663.34
Standex Engraving Group LLC Trade $7,291.00
Su-Dan Corporation Trade $6,662.50
Orange County Industrial Sewing Machine Company Trade $6,344.55
Cortek Trade $6,000.00
ABBA Rubber International Trade $5,983.00
Smiley’s Construction Trade $5,000.00
Protrans International Trade $4,677.23
Mayer Textile Machine Corp. Trade $4,549.63
Specpac LLC Trade $4,470.00
Rofin-Sinar Inc. Trade $4,140.00
Reich Logistics Service Trade $1,275.00

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