Global Safety Textiles Holdings LLC (“Global Safety” and, together with 8 domestic and international debtor subsidiaries, the “Debtors”) filed bankruptcy on June 30, 2009 in the Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware (lead case no.: 09-12234).  The Debtors are part of International Textiles Group, Inc.’s (“ITG”) automotive safety group.  As discussed in detail in a subsequent post, this bankruptcy case is about the non-debtor affiliates of the Debtors – so this post identifies both the Debtors and the foreign affiliated operating non-debtors.

Debtor Name Case Number
Global Safety Textiles Holdings LLC 09-12234
GST ASCI Holdings Asia Pacific LLC 09-12240
GST ASCI Holdings Europe, Inc. 09-12250
GST ASCI Holdings Europe II LLC 09-12242
GST ASCI Holdings Mexico, Inc. 09-12238
GST Automotive Safety Components International, Inc. 09-12236
Global Safety Textiles LLC 09-12237
Global Safety Textiles Acquisition GmbH 09-12247
GST Widefabric International GmbH 09-12249

The case really is about the following non-debtor operating affiliates of the Debtors:

  • Global Safety Textiles GmbH (“GST Germany”),
  • ITG Automotive Safety Poland Sp.z.00 (“AS Poland”),
  • ITG Automotive Safety RO S.R.L. (“AS Romania”);
  • ITG Automotive Safety Czech S.R.O. (“AS Czech Republic”);
  • ITG Automotive Safety UK Limited (“AS UK”);
  • GST Automotive Safety Components International S.A. de C.V. (“ASCI Mexico S.A. de C.V.”)