Proliance International, Inc. and 3 affiliated entities (”Debtors”) filed a petitions in Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware for relief under chapter 11 of title 11 of the United States Code .  Debtors are manufacturers and distributors of aftermarket heat exchange and temperature control products for automotive and heavy-duty applications. The Debtors are seeking to administratively consolidate their chapter 11 cases under the case number Case No. 09-12278. The following are the names and case numbers of the Debtors.

Proliance International, Inc. Case No. 09-12278
Proliance International Holding Corporation Case No. 09-12279
Aftermarket LLC Case No. 09-12281
Aftermarket Delaware Corporation Case No. 09-12282

The filing does not include Proliance’s non U.S. entities or operations.