Premier International Holdings Inc., et al. (aka Six Flags) and 36 of its subsidiaries and affiliates filed for bankruptcy in the Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware on Saturday, December 13, 2009. However, in good news for some suppliers, GP Holdings, Inc., one of 3 Six Flags’ direct subsidiaries, did not file bankruptcy. The case once again proves the value of one of our top 10 supplier recommendations in responding to a customer bankruptcy – confirm the identity of your customer.  For further information of which entities are in and which are out of bankruptcy click on the following link.

GP Holdings, Inc., indirectly through its subsidiaries, is the general partner of the partnerships that own portions of both Six Flags Over Georgia (including Six Flags White Water Atlanta) and Six Flags Over Texas (collectively, the “Partnership Parks”). None of the Partnership Parks filed for bankruptcy and for suppliers to these entities the news is good.

We constantly emphasize the need of suppliers to make sure they properly identify their customer. With this complex ownership structure, the number debtors filing and with the location specific deliveries of goods and services by many suppliers, focusing on the entity with whom the supplier contracted is going to be especially important. The listing of the debtors names and the petition numbers is as follows:

By clicking on the column heading you can sort the column. For more post on the Six Flags Bankruptcy, click the Filed under Six Flags Bankruptcy link below.  As of the initial posting only the petition number of the primary debtor is known.

Debtor Name Petition Number
Premier International Holding Inc 09-12019
Stuart Amusement Company 09-12020
Premier Parks of Colorado Inc 09-12021
Six Flags Operations Inc 09-12022
Park Management Corp 09-12023
Premier Parks Holdings Inc 09-12024
Magic Mountain LLC 09-12025
Six Flags Services, LLC 09-12026
KKI, LLC 09-12027
Premier Waterworld Sacremento Inc 09-12028
Six Flags Services of Illinois, Inc 09-12029
Hurricane Harbor LP LLC 09-12030
Riverside Park Enterprises, Inc. 09-12031
Hurricane Harbor LP 09-12032
Six Flags St Louis LLC 09-12033
SF HWP Management LLC 09-12034
Hurricane Harbor GP LLC 09-12035
Great Escape Theme Park LP 09-12036
Six Flags, Inc 09-12037
Great Escape Rides LP 09-12038
SFJ Management Inc 09-12039
Great Escape Holdings, Inc 09-12040
Six Flags Great Escape LP 09-12041
SFRCC Corp 09-12042
Great America LLC 09-12043
Fiesta Texas Inc 09-12044
Funtime, Inc 09-12045
Six Flags America LP 09-12046
Astroworld GP LLC 09-12047
Funtime Parks, Inc 09-12048
Six Flags America Property Corporation 09-12049
AstroWorld LP LLC 09-12050
AstroWorld LP 09-12051
Six Flags Great Adventure LLC 09-12052
PP Data Services Inc 09-12053
Six Flags Theme Parks Inc 09-12054
South Street Holdings LLC 09-12055