Visteon Corporation and 30 affiliated entities (”Debtors”) filed a petitions in Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware for relief under chapter 11 of title 11 of the United States Code.  Contemporaneously with the filing of their petitions, the Debtors filed a motion requesting that the Court consolidate their chapter 11 cases for administrative purposes only under the Visteon Corporation case number 09-11786. The following are the names, case numbers and copies (as available ) of the bankruptcy petitions.

Debtor Name Case No.
ARS, Inc. 09-11788
Fairlane Holdings, Inc. 09-11789
GCM/Visteon Automotive Leasing Systems, LLC 09-11817
GCM/Visteon Automotive Systems, LLC 09-11818
Halla Climate Systems Alabama Corp. 09-11798
Infinitive Speech Systems Corp. 09-11800
SunGlas, LLC 09-11803
The Visteon Fund 09-11804
Tyler Road Investments, LLC 09-11806
VC Aviation Services LLC 09-11814
VC Regional Assembly & Manufacturing, LLC 09-11816
Visteon AC Holdings Corp. 09-11815
Visteon Asia Holdings, Inc. 09-11790
Visteon Asia Holdings, Inc. 09-11790
Visteon Automotive Holdings, LLC 09-11792
Visteon Caribbean, Inc. 09-11793
Visteon Climate Control Systems, Ltd. 09-11795
Visteon Corporation 09-11786
Visteon Domestic Holdings, LLC 09-11796
Visteon Electronics Corporation 09-11797
Visteon European Holdings Corporation 09-11799
Visteon Global Technologies, Inc. 09-11810
Visteon Global Treasury, Inc. 09-11808
Visteon Holdings, LLC 09-11812
Visteon International Business Development, Inc. 09-11805
Visteon International Business Development, Inc. 09-11805
Visteon International Holdings, Inc. 09-11787
Visteon LA Holdings Corp. 09-11807
Visteon Remanufacturing Incorporated 09-11809
Visteon Systems, LLC 09-11811
Visteon Technologies, LLC 09-11813