Verasun Energy Corporation – Current APScan of Preference Actions

This APScans reports the recent substantive filings in the Verasun Energy Corporation adversary proceedings for recovery of preferential transfers under section 547 of the Bankruptcy Code (bankruptcy preferences). The adversary proceedings were brought by VeraSun Energy Corporation and its affiliates under a Joint Plan Of Liquidation .


Pre-Applied Filters: The following filings are not included in the "Current" APScan: certificates or affidavits of service, receipts for filing fees and other clerical matters.

Not For Individual Docket Monitoring: Pre-applied filters may eliminate important notices and certificates. A party to an adversary proceeding must not consider APScans to be a substitute for reviewing the docket of the proceeding in which it is a defendant.


This APScans is updated daily to cover filings made as of midnight on the previous day. This APScans covers filings ENTERED during the period from August 01, 2015 through September 29, 2015. .

AP No.Ent'd (Filed)Filed byDefendantCat.EventVeraSun Energy Corporation APSCANS™
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10-53793 (BLS)03209/17/2015 10:56:23 (09/17/2015)R. Radol (aty)Global Partner Logistics, Inc.PleadingAnswer-FilingAnswer to Complaint (Related Document(s) 1 ,) Filed by Global Partner Logistics, Inc., Roger B Radol Mediation Due Date: 01/15/2016. (Radol, Roger)
10-53835 (BLS)NaN09/04/2015 17:43:52 (09/04/2015)MML (crt)Siemens Water Technologies Corp.ClosureAdv Proc ClosedAdversary Case 10-53835-BLS Closed by Deputy Clerk. (MML)
10-53836 (BLS)NaN09/04/2015 17:38:49 (09/04/2015)MML (crt)Siemens Industry, Inc., Successor to Siemens EnergClosureAdv Proc ClosedAdversary Case 10-53836-BLS Closed by Deputy Clerk. (MML)
10-53835 (BLS)04009/04/2015 11:38:29 (09/04/2015)S. Leonhardt (aty)Siemens Water Technologies Corp.ClosureDismissal-StipulationStipulation of Dismissal with Prejudice Related Document(s) 1 , 13 Filed by VeraSun Energy Corporation, et al. (Leonhardt, Scott)
10-53836 (BLS)03909/04/2015 11:29:37 (09/04/2015)S. Leonhardt (aty)Siemens Industry, Inc., Successor to Siemens EnergClosureDismissal-StipulationStipulation of Dismissal with Prejudice Related Document(s) 1 , 13 Filed by VeraSun Energy Corporation, et al. (Leonhardt, Scott)
10-53849 (BLS)NaN08/20/2015 11:02:47 (08/20/2015)MML (crt)K-Sea Transportation, Inc., wholly-owned by K-SeaClosureAdv Proc ClosedAdversary Case 10-53849-BLS Closed by Deputy Clerk. (MML)
10-53849 (BLS)04108/18/2015 16:28:16 (08/18/2015)S. Leonhardt (aty)K-Sea Transportation, Inc., wholly-owned by K-SeaClosureDismissal-StipulationStipulation of Dismissal Related Document(s) 1 , 10 Filed by VeraSun Energy Corporation, et al. (Leonhardt, Scott)
10-53615 (BLS)NaN08/18/2015 15:45:02 (08/18/2015)MML (crt)Midland Scientific IncClosureAdv Proc ClosedAdversary Case 10-53615-BLS Closed by Deputy Clerk. (MML)
10-53615 (BLS)01908/18/2015 09:34:46 (08/18/2015)S. Leonhardt (aty)Midland Scientific IncClosureDismissal-StipulationStipulation of Dismissal Related Document(s) 1 , 12 Filed by VeraSun Energy Corporation, et al. (Leonhardt, Scott)

Adversary Proceedings Overview

Lead Bankruptcy Case Name (Case Number): Verasun Energy Corporation (08-12606)

Bankruptcy Court District (Division): District of Delaware

Petition Date: October 31, 2008

Associated Cases: The Associated Debtors are: VeraSun Energy Corporation; ASA OpCo Holdings, LLC; US BioEnergy Corporation; VeraSun Albert City, LLC; ASA Albion, LLC; VeraSun Aurora Corporation; VeraSun BioDiesel, LLC; ASA Bloomingburg, LLC; VeraSun Central City, LLC; VeraSun Charles City; LLC; VeraSun Dyersville, LLC; VeraSun Fort Dodge, LLC; VeraSun Granite City, LLC; VeraSun Hankinson, LLC; VeraSun Hartley, LLC; VeraSun Janesville, LLC; ASA Linden, LLC; VeraSun Litchfield, LLC; US Bio Marion, LLC; VeraSun Marketing, LLC; VeraSun Ord, LLC; VeraSun Reynolds, LLC; VeraSun Tilton, LLC; VeraSun Welcome, LLC; and VeraSun Woodbury, LLC

Plaintiff: VeraSun Energy Corporation and its affiliates under a Joint Plan Of Liquidation

Number of Proceedings: 198

When Filed: October 20,2010 (33); October 22,2010 (15); October 26,2010 (20); October 27,2010 (36); October 28,2010 (66); October 29,2010 (28);

Adversary Proceeding Judge: U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Brendan L. Shannon

Plaintiff's Counsel: SilvermanAcampora LLP (Jericho, New York) through Randy J. Schaefer (99 Complaints); Kelley Drye & Warren LLP (New York, New York) through James S. Carr and Nicholas J. Panarella (99 Complaints); The Rosner Law Group LLC (Wilmington, Delaware) through its attorneys Frederick B. Rosner and Scott J. Leonhardt (all 198 Complaints)

Avoidance Period: The complaint does not identify the preference period by dates.


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