Burbage & Weddell LLC provides its DocSheets™ selected docket information as a courtesy in the following cases:

Color coding of docket entries is provided to help with a quick docket review.  The following is the current coding key.  The coding system is still being improved and is not always accurate.  These inaccuracies in color coding can arise from such things as misspelling of key terms, improper identification of a docket entry by the person making the filing and use of an unusual syntax in making a docket entry.

  • Orders are in dark RED, since orders are usually bring to an end the status of a matter.
  • Motions are in dark green, since motions start a process.
  • Responses, replies, oppositions and all other pleadings in response to a motion are in dark blue.
  • Memoranda of Law are in light blue since they can support both a motion and a response.
  • Reports such as Monthly Operating Reports are in orange.
  • Clerical Matters are in light gray. These includes certificates of service, certificates of no objection and receipts.
  • Compensation matters such as applications for compensation are in light brown.
  • Items that are not categorized are in regular type.  These include items that do not clearly fit in one of the other color coding categories and items that are inherently ambiguous as to significance, such a notices of filing which might or might not include the filing itself.

Use of the DocSheets is subject to the Terms of Use of this Website. The DocSheet is not “Live” data. The report was run at the date and time stated in the “Transaction Record” table immediately above the docket entries.

The DocSheet is only updated periodically. We time our updates based on the status of the case. In the early stages of the case, we will update the docket more frequently than in the latter stages.