Metaldyne requested and was granted authority to file a consolidated list of the 50 largest unsecured creditors of the Metaydyne Corporation and its 30 affiliated Debtors (the "Top Unsecured Creditor List") in lieu of a separate list for each of the Debtors. The amounts owed to each of the unsecured suppliers is listed as trade debt. We are seeing several very familiar automotive parts supplier names on this list. We are also seeing some of the listed debt to automotive parts suppliers as "disputed." This is probably an indication of a claim of set off. The Top Unsecured Creditor List is based on the Debtors' books and records as of approximately May 19, 2009. The Top Unsecured Creditor List does not include: (1) persons who come within the definition of "insider"; or (2) secured creditors, unless the value of the collateral is such that the unsecured deficiency places the creditor among the holders of the largest unsecured claims.The Top Unsecured Creditor List in order of size is:
Name of creditor Nature of claim (trade debt, bank loan, government contract, etc.) Indicate if claim is contingent, unliquidated, disputed or subject to setoff Amount of claim (if secured, also state value of security)1
Bank of New York Unsecured Bond Debt $29,316,000.00
Chrysler Motors LLC Notes $27,500,000.00
Ford Motor Company Notes $22,750,000.00
General Motors Notes $9,750,000.01
General Aluminum Manufacturing Trade Debt $3,470,736.06
Citation Corporation Trade Debt Disputed $2,399,598.64
SKF USA Inc. Trade Debt $2,284,933.15
Hoeganaes Corporation Trade Debt $1,719,552.67
Dana Corp. Trade Debt Affiliate of creditor is also customer of the Metaldyne Companies $1,611,318.93
Bank of New York Trust Company as indenture trustee for the 10% senior subordinated notes due 2013 Unsecured Bond Debt $1,488,000.01
Gerdau MAC Steel Trade Debt $1,375,280.28
QMP-AMERICA INC Trade Debt $1,248,720.68
CTC Casting Technologies Trade Debt Disputed $999,939.68
NTN Bearing Corporation of America Trade Debt $943,950.41
Borg Warner Automotive: Trade Debt Affiliate of creditor is also customer of the Metaldyne Companies $923,492.33
Kodaco Co, LTD Trade Debt $915,369.58
Microflex Inc. Trade Debt $878,861.62
Metal Technologies Inc. Trade Debt $855,407.37
PMT Industries Trade Debt $844,180.26
American Axle &Manufacturing, Inc. Trade Debt $832,595.75
Shiloh Industries Inc. Trade Debt $795,811.81
DSSI, LLC Trade Debt $709,417.01
Trelleborg Automotive Inc. Trade Debt $706,602.18
Diversified Machine Inc. Trade Debt $687,064.84
Contech U.S., LLC Trade Debt Disputed $669,716.80
Waupaca Foundry Trade Debt $629,112.75
North American Hoganas Trade Debt $628,453.22
Production Services Trade Debt $590,667.62
FormTech Industries Trade Debt Disputed $570,102.72
Dong Hwa Tech Co.; Ltd Trade Debt $555,055.55
Delta Research Corporation Trade Debt $548,136.80
Jinyoung Industrial Co; Ltd. Trade Debt $546,930.71
Superior Controls, Inc. Trade Debt $542,484.00
Acument Global Technology Trade Debt $519,417.17
Full Service Supply Inc. Trade Debt $513,346.37
Federal Mogul Trade Debt $499,734.85
MPI Trade Debt $456,655.93
Big Rapids Products, Inc. Trade Debt $438,537.22
Ellwood Texas Forge Navasota Trade Debt Disputed $437,599.33
Cincinnati Gearing Systems Trade Debt $427,616.29
Hebei Metals Trade Debt $426,335.68
Aleris International, Inc. Trade Debt $425,880.66
Hitachi Metals America Ltd Trade Debt $392,236.38
Grede Foundries, Inc. Trade Debt $362,098.38
Mirae Metal Tech Co Trade Debt $348,784.50
FREMAR IND. Trade Debt $327,800.00
Hastech Manufacturing Trade Debt $321,574.89
Transform Automotive Trade Debt $289,244.31
Freudenberg - NOK Trade Debt $286,621.27
Brembo SpA Trade Debt $277,695.21
TOTAL $127,038,671.88
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