Metaldyne Corporation and 30 affiliated entities (”Debtors”) filed a petitions in Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York for relief under chapter 11 of title 11 of the United States Code. Contemporaneously with the filing of their petitions, the Debtors filed a motion requesting that the Court consolidate their chapter 11 cases for administrative purposes only under the Metaldyne Corporation case number 09-13412. The following are the names, case numbers and copies (as available ) of the bankruptcy petitions.
Debtor Name Case Number
ER Acquisition Corp., 09-13432
GMTI Holding Company, 09-13433
Halyard Aviation Services, Inc., 09-13434
MascoTech Saturn Holdings Inc., 09-13435
MASG Disposition, Inc., 09-13436
MASX Energy Services Group, Inc., 09-13437
MD Products Corp. 09-13411
Metaldyne Asia, Inc., 09-13425
Metaldyne Company LLC, 09-13414
Metaldyne Corporation, 09-13412
Metaldyne Driveline Co., LLC, 09-13426
Metaldyne DuPage Die Casting Corporation, 09-13418
Metaldyne Engine Co., LLC, 09-13413
Metaldyne Europe, Inc., 09-13427
Metaldyne Intermediate Holdco, Inc., 09-13441
Metaldyne Lester Precision Die Casting, Inc., 09-13415
Metaldyne Light Metals Company, Inc., 09-13420
Metaldyne Machining and Assembly Company, Inc. 09-13419
Metaldyne Precision Forming - Fort Wayne, Inc., 09-13428
Metaldyne Services, Inc., 09-13429
Metaldyne Sintered Components of Indiana, Inc., 09-13430
Metaldyne Sintered Components St. Marys, Inc., 09-13421
Metaldyne Sintered Components, LLC, 09-13416
Metaldyne Tubular Products, Inc., 09-13417
Metaldyne U.S. Holding Co., 09-13431
NC-M Chassis Systems, LLC, 09-13422
Precision Headed Products, Inc., 09-13438
Punchcraft Company, 09-13423
Stahl International, Inc., 09-13439
W.C. McCurdy Co., 09-13440
Windfall Specialty Powders, Inc., 09-13424
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